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Berry Meringue Slices

Page-120-317x400.jpgIt's been over a dozen years since I first had this perfect summer dessert while researching my KAFFEEHAUS book in VIenna.  At Hans Diglas's cafe, one of the most venerable spots in the center of the city near St. Stephen's, I saw a big tray of layered cake in an old-fashioned metal baking pan, topped with red currants and meringue.  Hans shared the recipe for the book, and I adapted it for more readily available blueberries.  Is this the perfect Fourth of July dessert?  I think so!  

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Old-Fashioned Rice Pudding

Rice Pudding.jpgWhen you have lemons, make lemonade. When you have beautiful, fresh-off-the-farm, golden yolked eggs with gorgeous, naturally hued, make…rice pudding. The eggs were a gift from my friend and cooking teacher Sue Sell, and they were so pretty that it was difficult to find the resolve to crack them open. (Check out the photo to see how the yolks contributed to the yellow color in the finished dessert...and yes, that is a feather.) But why rice pudding? 

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Tips for Perfect Christmas Cookies

Cookie Tray.jpgEvery year, I bake a collection of holiday cookies, and I love the entire process.  If there is one time when I am glad that I got the baking gene (and its inherent organization skills), its at Christmas time.  I thought that I would share some of the tips I've learned over the years to apply to your own baking marathon.  The cookies above, from top: Gingerbread People (with cinnamon candy buttons); Chocolate Wafers with Candy Cane Crunch; Rainbow Cookies; Pfefferneusse; Sugar Cookies (stars); Peanut Butter Blossoms; Sugar Cookies (trees); Diane's Walnut Thumbprints (Sonia Henies); center, Ginger Molasses Cookies. I will be posting the recipes that aren't linked.  

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Viennese Sachertorte

Sachertorte.jpgSachertorte has been famous almost since its conception in the mid-19th century.  It made its inventor so famous that he was able to build a hotel, one that is still one of the premier hosteleries in Vienna, a city renown for its elegance.  But I will warn you...it isn't for everybody, and it takes a discerning palate to enjoy its subtleties.  

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The Most Excellent Cherry Pie

cherry pie_xs_17719961.jpg


It is a shame that Presidents' Day comes in February, when sour cherries aren't in season.  They are the essential  fruit for patriotic icon George Washington's equally iconic dessert.  I just happen to have some in the freezer leftover from last summer's sour cherry picking frenzy.  We have a cherry tree growing in our neighborhood, and my dear friend Linda West Eckhardt and I seem to be the only two people who want to risk life and limb (our limbs, not the trees) by climbing up a shaky ladder to grab the shiny pale red orbs.  You will be able to find frozen sour cherries at the supermarket, or certain a big natural food store like Whole Foods.  But the key word is "sour."  Sweet bing cherries just don't have the correct flavor, color, or texture for sour cherry pie.  Here is how to make the VERY BEST sour cherry pie.  

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