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Moist and Cakey Cornbread with Fresh Corn

cornbread.jpgI often swap (swipe?) recipes with (from?) my dear friend Beth Hensperger, who has written almost as many recipes as I have over the years.  OK, we're neck and neck. But the main reason I bring up the Babe of Baking is cornbread.  Both of us were raised on a not-very-authentic version of the Southern classic that used canned corn as the moistening agent. This cheap and cheerful ingredient was always in my family's kitchen cupboard, and it never occurred to me to turn my nose up at it.  (I was certainly raised to eat with was put in front of me, anyway, with the exception of liver and onions.) The canned corn infused my Mom's cornbread with straight-off-the-stalk goodness.  So, here it is the end of the corn season, and I overbought (as usual) at the market.  Faced with a mountain of corn, it struck me that I could puree some kernels with sour cream to approximate the canned corn, and go from there.  Here's what happened... 

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Blueberry-Bacon Cornbread with Blackberry Butter

42_Driscolls_cornbread_59956.jpgWhy make regular cornbread (not that there's anything wrong with that) when you can ramp up the flavor with plump blueberries and  smoky bacon? Serve it for a weekend breakfast, and you probably won't need to offer anything else but hot coffee!  Slice it into thin wedges and it is a great side dish at the backyard barbecue.  The super-simple blackberry butter is a keeper too, perfect for when you want a little something special to serve to special guests or to treat yourself.  

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